We are pleased to announce our Pain Management Apprenticeship & Support Classes designed to serve residents of the San Francisco Bay Area who must deal with the often disturbing impact of the problem of pain.

There is no substitute for a supportive community that helps us to focus on and act toward our own recovery. Our classes will be found to be practical, upbeat, and non-judgmental. Their objective is to "be there" for those in pain: to offer training that allows one to alleviate & manage the difficult sensations, suffering, and disability connected to their own pain experience and its social implications.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about those "real life" pain management issues which allow students to enhance / improve their own coping and problem-solving abilities. They will also have the opportunity to be respected and heard in a safe, encouraging environment… an environment in which they can sort out and clarify the typically complex quagmire of thoughts and feelings that, in the face of significant ongoing pain, are common to us all.

We now have 2 easy access locations where our classes may be attended. These classes are sponsored by and located in Conference rooms associated with:

Sequoia Hospital

For Those In Pain Offices

Our class is offered twice monthly and is being presented without charge. Our Instructor is Beto Enrique Tellerķa, M.A. For questions regarding facilities & directions, call the telephone numbers located in the schedule of classes. For questions regarding approach, style, and/or content, please contact Beto at For Those In Pain, Inc. either by telephone or by his private e-mail: elfenix@forthoseinpain.org.

Please click here for our 2008 schedule of classes.